Funniest American Idol Audition COMPILATION! American Idol Audition GONE TERRIBLY WRONG!!

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This is the Funniest American Idol Auditions put all into one video. Its almost impossible to watch this full video and not laugh at how awful these auditions were. In other words, this is an American Idol Audition GONE COMPLETELY WRONG. These singers all tried but just were terrible and in the video the judges had some extremely funny reactions. Overall, this is a fun and entertaining video based on the funniest american idol audition compilation

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The content within the video is for entertainment purposes only. It is not to offend or hurt anyone it is strictly to entertain the people watching the video. Also, I have taken a bunch of clips from different videos so I want to give a huge shout out to those creators. You guys know who you are.

Funniest American Idol Audition COMPILATION! Terrible/Failed American Idol Audition VINES!

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