American Idol 2019, Season 17, Episode 7, Hollywood 2, Judge's Discussed

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List American Idol 2019, Season 17
Episode 7, Hollywood 2
1. Intro 7, Group Round, Part 8:
2. Group Round, Part 9:
3. Solo Round, Walker Burroughs:
4. Solo Round, Juan Pablo:
5. Solo Round, Ryan Hammond:
6. Solo Round, Kai The Singer:
7. Solo Round, Riley, Raquel, Evelyn, Eddie:
8. Solo Round, Alejandro Aranda:
9. Solo Round, Margie Mays:
10. Solo Round, Wade Cota, Nate Walkar:
11. Solo Round, Tyler Mitchell:
12. Solo Round, Drake McCain:
13. Solo Round, Bumbly:
14. Solo Round, Nick Townsend, Gaba:
15. Solo Round, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon:
16. Solo Round, Kate Barnette, Myra Tran, Shayy:
17. Solo Round, Laci Kaye Booth:
18. Solo Round, Uché:
19. Solo Round, Madison Vandenburg:
20. Solo Round, Austin Michael Robinson:
21. Solo Round, Shawn Robinson, Alyssa Raghu:
22. Solo Round, Johanna Jones, Part 1:
23. Solo Round, Johanna Jones, Part 2:
24. Judge’s Discussed:
25. Next Round or Go Home (Part 1):
26. Next Round or Go Home (Part 2) & End Hollywood Week:

Playlist American Idol 2019, Season 17, Hollywood Week, Showcase Round & Final Judgment:

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