Is carrie underwood dating anyone

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Seeing Carrie Underwood in concert was absolutely the best expierence of my entire life. Being able to see someone who has completely influenced you to be who you are and live life, this was by far the best thing to ever happen to me. Not only is she the most gorgoeous individual I have ever seen, but she has the most outstanding voice ever! She has such a variety of different types of music. She will go from a rock song to a slow song and still sound absolutely amazing! She is a down-to-earth woman and there’s no other star I would rather see than her. Y’all will love her concert and have such a great time! Her music is so inspirational to people all over the world in so many ways. Over her years of being a country star, she has taught me to just be me, to always move forward; through a breakup, through hard times in my life or… She has shown me what life really is and I hope that one day, I will be able to meet her. Nothing would make me happier. So if you want to have a good time, then I sugest you go to her next concert in your hometown! Even if you dont like country, She will definately change your mind in an instant! Carrie Underwood is that quintessential, all American girl next door. She is undeniably lovable and the crowd sure as hell loves her. Singer, songwriter and actress, Underwood is incredibly talented and a skilled musician to boot. Since winning American Idol back in 2005, Underwood had made quite the name for herself in the Country music scene. Underwood displayed an incredible versatility on stage, moving from slow ballads to more upbeat, rockier songs in the blink of an eye. Besides her musical skills, Underwood proved herself to be an incredibly down to earth, humble performer. She thanked the crowd constantly, and seemed genuinely thrilled to be on stage. Her happy and positive attitude moved the audience and was highly infectious, creating a great atmosphere throughout. Country music sensation Carrie Underwood is an elusive visitor to the shores of the United Kingdom so when her loyal fan base has the opportunity to catch the chanteuse live they appear in their thousands. Rising to fame way back when she won the fourth season of American Idol, the singer has been releasing material ever since with her enchanting vocal. Only her latest album ‘Blown Away’ made it onto the UK charts yet her dedicated fan base sings along to old singles such as ‘So Small’ and ‘All-American Girl’. Carrie develops a rapport with her crowd from the offset, telling them stories behind the meaning of tracks and why they had been chosen for the setlist that evening. A special airing of ‘Leave Love Alone’ received huge applause from the baying masses. Her live band supports Carrie profusely, whether it be with enthusiastic vigour during ‘Jesus, Take The Wheel’ or subtly playing as accompaniment on ‘Flat On The Floor’ as the

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