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In general, we have zero expectations about the quality of television programming. Yet, as low as those expectations are, there have been multiple shows over the decades that have managed to go even lower. Here are the ones that deserve to occupy that special place in television history. Spoiler alert: This special place is a dumpster fire. American television is currently inundated with amateur talent competitions, so clearly it’s time to up the stakes, Running Man-style. You know, like they do in Central and South America, where American Idol-type shows aren’t just about a contestant’s talent or lack thereof , but about real, soul-crushing human tragedy. If a particular contestant on one of these shows doesn’t win, people could die. Their setup should be familiar to American audiences — some random nobody performs and is judged by celebrities on whether or not they suck. And like Dancing With the Stars, the contestants on Cantando and Bailando are paired up with even more celebrities. But here’s the catch — the shows’ winners don’t receive a record deal or a Vegas booking. That last bit isn’t hyperbole — a woman. The judges buzz the shit out of her, by the way. The routines on Bailando supplement boring old modern dance and tango with and , as audiences apparently relish the surprise boner interspersed between crushed contestants’ crying fits. Meanwhile, the finale episodes of Bailando feature elimination ceremonies during which the losing dancers that presumably represent their hopes for a better life. Sorry, kids, but Mom should have danced harder. Boundaries were being tested, and shows were playing it loose. So if that’s the shit that was going on in the top-tier network shows, what would it take to make a network hurriedly pull the plug on one? The unwitting participants were then messed with, Candid Camera-style, after which they were approached by the film crew. The crew would then ask the couple tawdry questions regarding , and their responses were judged by a celebrity panel. The couple that chose the best answer, according to the judges, was awarded a prize. Yes, this was several years before , but never since the invention of the camera has secretly filming people necking not raised red flags. On the plus side, The Amateur’s Guide to Love did by renowned sexpert Vincent Price. This one-season show paired pounds of food with intense obstacles and exercise to make contestants throw up as fast as humanly possible. Featured edibles included cream of spinach, macaroni and cheese, clam chowder and creamed corn. In other words, foods that already resemble vomit. We honestly don’t know if this is before or after. The were simple: Take five contestants with no shame and subject them to merciless binging and purging. In the first round, the three contestants who hork down the most food by weight are selected to move forward. Next, i

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